Investments and Services

As an independent financial planner, Matt is able to offer a variety of account types and investments. Below you will see a brief description of some options. To learn more, contact me

Account types:

Traditional Brokerage:  A transactional account; the transaction cost vary depending on investment.

Advisory:  Annual fee that is a percentage of total account value. Access to specialized and institutional money managers.

Consultant:  Hourly cost assessed based on the type and scope of the financial service provided.


Business Retirement Plans:  401k, 403b, 457b, DB, Profit-Sharing, Sep & Simple IRAs

Personal Retirement Plans:  Traditional and Roth IRAs

Education Savings:  529, Coverdell

Equities:  Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs

Fixed Income:  Government, Corporate and Municipal Bonds, Unit Investment Trust, CD”s

Insurance:  Life, Long Term Care, Disability, Health

Banking:  Checking, Money Markey, Mortgages, Margin Loans

Annuities:  Fixed, Immediate, Variable

Alternative Investments:  Commodities, Precious Metals, Private Placement Investments

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